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University of Wisconsin–Madison
Research into novel solutions to complex computing problems

Selected Honors

  • Dugald C. Jackson Faculty Scholar of Electrical and Computer Engineering  (named after the first department chair of ECE), University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2017
  • DARPA Young Faculty Award, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (one of the 26 recipients nationwide), 2016
  • WARF Innovation Awards (WIA) Finalist, University of Wisconsin-Madison (6 out of 400++ patents), 2016
  • VLSI Transactions Best Paper Award, IEEE Circuits and Systems Society, 2013
  • Outstanding Research Division Technical Achievement Award (A-level, for successfully achieving CEO milestone on Storage Class Memory), IBM T. J. Watson, 2012
  • IBM High Value Patent Application Awards, IBM T. J. Watson, 2014
  • IBM Invention Achievement Awards, IBM T. J. Watson, 2010-15
  • IBM PhD Fellowship Award, 2008-09
  • The Dean’s and Semester Honors for Outstanding Scholastics Performance, Purdue University, 2007-08.
  • Magoon Award for Excellence in Teaching, Purdue University, 2005-06
  • Meissner Fellowship Award, Electrical and Computer Engineering department, Purdue University, 2004-05.